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Uni Media
TNA Entertainment
Miss Earth 2023
Miss Cosmo Vietnam Hoa Hậu Hoàn Vũ Việt Nam 2023
Uni Corp Hoa Hậu Hoàn Vũ
Miss Earth Việt Nam


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CEO Trần Việt Bảo Hoàng

Mr. Tran Bao Viet Hoang

CEO Uni Media, Miss Cosmo Vietnam, Hoa Hau Hoan Vu Viet Nam


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The criteria for choosing a partner for us are based on trust and shared values. As soon as we presented the challenge of innovating the format of the competition, Eventista promptly provided us with a solution featuring a diversified voting system across multiple channels and incorporating new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

CEO Trương Ngọc Ánh

Ms. Truong Ngoc Anh

CEO TNA Entertainment, President of Miss Earth Vietnam


Orgarnic traffic generated

We are very grateful that the first year of organizing Miss Earth Vietnam was supported and well received by the audience. We chose a difficult job when doing reality TV to spread the good messages of the show. And the audience's support through Eventista's voting portal clearly shows everyone's feelings. The transparency and accuracy on Eventista's voting portal are indisputable.

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$100 / event

  • 3 Basic Voting Pages
  • Basic Design

  • Unlimited Voters
  • Single Language Supported
  • 10% Transaction Fee

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$300 / event

  • Parallels Events
  • Customize Design
  • Unlimited Voters
  • Single Language Supported
  • Gamification Enabled
  • 15% Transaction Fee


$3000 / event

  • Unlimited Parallels Events

  • Customize Design
  • Unlimited Voters
  • MultiLanguages Supported
  • All Gamification Enabled
  • No Configuration Extra Fee
  • 15% Transaction Fee

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